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What is Drifting?

During the summers here in town, we will replace my son’s bike tires at least three times. It’s not because we get crappy tires or that he went off reading- it’s that he and his buddies like to go “drifting.” My son will find parking lot, or driveway with a ton of gravel and practice his drifting skills all the live long day.  This last time, when he came home, I finally asked why he liked it so much and he just replied, “it’s fast and cool.”  I should have known he would respond like that.  But then, he perked up and asked me if I knew the history of drifting and who was the first person to ever drift their bike or car.  I didn’t know so we did what any good family would- we googled.  I was actually pretty surprised what we learned, and found it pretty interesting!

Who Invented Drifting?

Well, first watch this video below…

If you’re thinking of the movies Fast and Furious, you’re going to want to sit tight and just forget that for a little bit. Drifting has been around much longer than people realize.  It all started around 1965 (people are a bit unsure) and in an unlikely place- Japan.  Back in the 60’s there was a motorcycle racer name Kunimitsu Takahashi.  He had won 4 Grand Prix’s in his career and had to quit after a pretty serious crash.  That’s when he decided to start car racing.  It’s important to also talk about tires back in the 60’s.  Back then, most tires were hard, had zero aerodynamics for grip, and were low.  Tires have come a long way in the past 50 years!!! Continue reading What is Drifting?