Drifting: The Nitty Gritty

Alrighty. Let’s get into the nitty gritty of drifting. If you’ve always been Drift Carsinterested in drifting but never had any idea how to get started, let me tell you the best way is to find a crap car that you don’t mind beating all to shit. This car might get wrecked quickly or it might take some time. Don’t be starting drifting by using a fancy expensive car. You want something cheap but that can handle what you’re going to put it through.

Here are some basics of the type of car you want

  • It needs to be rear wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. You need the power from the rear tires. You cannot be drifting with a front wheel drive car
  • You want something from the 1990s. Why? Because they’re cheap for starters. Second there are a lot of performance issues with cars built before the 1990s. Cars built in the 2000s often have computer components and they are often too expensive just to beat up.
  • You want a stick shift. Best way to learn is with a manual transmission. You have more control over the vehicle. It is possible to drift with an automatic but it takes practice. If you learn on a stick first, it will be easier to switch over to an automatic. And why you’d want to do that is beyond me but to each their own …
  • Cheap, cheap tires. These puppies will be destroyed in no time. Don’t spend the money on expensive tires. You will be replacing them often so use em and get some new ones. Simple.
  • Lots of power. Your car needs to have a lot of power for a successful drift. Make sure the engine is big enough to handle it.
  • Ability to turn off any electronic stability control. This is why cars from the 1990s are more ideal than later vehicles. You can turn off an electronic controls much easier. This is a must. Make sure the car you buy has this option.
  • Check and see which cars will work the best for you as a beginner. Everyone has their preferences but you want to do your homework and make sure the car you buy can handle what you’re gonna throw at ‘er.
  • Get in your car and get a feel for it. Make sure you like where the clutch and stick sits as well as the e-brake. Your car will get dinged pretty nicely on the outside so don’t worry about how pretty it looks. You’ll make a right mess of ‘er quickly. It’s the interior which has to feel good for you.

That’s pretty much your starting point for getting into drifting. Bikes are a whole different matter as there is less to figure into the equation. Pretty much any racing bike with a good amount of power will do. Don’t be thinking your dad’s Harley will do. Lots of power but just a bit too heavy. Too easy to dump.

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